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If you're looking for a serious wood cutting machine, then you've come to the right place. I have spent many years making my living with a chainsaw, so I know what it takes to get the most performance out of your saw without sacrificing reliability. What you will get is a gain of 30-40% over stock out of the box. You can equate a woods ported saw to having a car with a performance cam. We change intake and exhaust timing to optimize flow and maximize the potential for power.
One of the big limiting factors in saw performance is exhaust flow. Today's saws are really restricted because you have to open the exhaust port, and in some cases add an additional port. I mill the piston and cylinder for more compression for added torque. Some saws require a change in the ignition timing to maximize the gains. I build a saw that can be used day in and day out without fear of failure. From the seasoned professional, to the occasional wood cutter, you will be amazed at the performance of the Wicked Work Saw.

Below are some examples of what is done when porting your saw.

Here we show a combustion chamber that is cut for higher compression.

After cutting the combustion chamber you have to cut the base to get
the squish set back where you want it. Here is a cut cylinder base.


Once the cylinder and piston are machined we reassemble and mark the
cylinder for porting. We use a timing wheel to get port timing dialed in.


Here are examples of what the cylinder looks
like after getting it laid out for porting.




Here are the cylinder ports after porting.





Here is just one example of a dual port muffler.

The cost of a woods port is $300 and up. If your saw is in need of any parts or repair we will contact you and let you know about anything extra before any work is performed. We will split the case on your saw to repair the bottom end if needed for an additional $150.

We use UPS shipping with insurance to return saws. On average the return shipping will be $30.

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