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Here at Wicked Work Saw we offer a variety of ported cylinder rebuild kits. In order to be able to get a kit put together for your requirements, you will need a good useable cylinder to send in for porting. I will clean up and port your cylinder to my specs for a work saw, and return it to you in the kit. In most kits you will receive a new meteor piston and rings, new base gasket, new muffler gasket, new muffler, and any other parts that your particular kit requires. If you need other parts for your kit let me know and I can include them in the total price.
We have the kit parts listed below along with the available kits:
   - Husqvarna  346xp,357xp,359,365,372xp,385xp,390xp,394xp,395xp

385XP Kit

026/MS260 Kit

372XP Kit
  Kit includes:
   - cylinder and piston
   - rings
   - gaskets
   - heat shield
   - muffler and bracket
  Kit includes:
   - piston cylinder
   - exhaust gaskets
  Kit includes:
   - ported cylinder
   - meteor piston
   - carb kit
   - base and exhaust gaskets
   - seals
   - spark plug
   - muffler
   - heat shield
My Wicked Work Saw kit is built with "work" in mind. It will be built for use on a daily basis. When you think work saw I want you to think "Wicked Work Saw". If you're looking to gain up to 40% over your stock saw, and still be able to make a living with it, then these kits are for you. Be sure and check out how these kits are built on the woods porting page.

MS361 Kit

046/MS460 Kit

066/MS660 Rebuild Kit

346XP Cylinder Kit

357XP Kit
Kit options:
   - New meteor piston and rings
   - New muffler, muffler gasket, heat shield, muffler bracket
   - Carb kit
   - Spark plug
   - Seals
What will be done to your woods ported saw:

   - Piston machined as necessary for your saw.
   - Cylinder squish band cut as needed for your saw.
   - Intake port timing will be increased to make more power and have better cooling.
   - Exhaust timing increased or decreased as needed for your particular cylinder.
   - The transfer timing will be adjusted as needed.
   - Compression increased for greater torque.
   - The muffler will be opened up as needed for the porting of your cylinder.
   - I will set the squish clearance.
   - If the timing on your saw needs to be adjusted I will adjust it.
   - I will defeat the limiters on the carburetor so you can fully adjust the carb.

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